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To Have a clear goal is the first step towards Success from Instagram, and according to latest celebrity news for Abigail Ratchford, that goal could not have been clearer: “she wanted to be famous,” she laughed on a recent call with Entrepreneur. If you are from the one of her 8.8 million Instagram followers, you know that she achieved that goal and here are her 10 biggest takeaways.

10 Steps Success from Instagram

1. Take the charge of your life and up to some extent take a risk.

“This social media model lifestyle is sort of started by accident written in celebrity entertainment news. Within few days, the pictures got picked up by Sports Illustrated and some other places too. So she started to do more Success from Instagram and she realized that I really loved doing it. After about a year of doing that, she realized that. She developed a whole blueprint plan for herself. And now here she is.”

2. Good things do not happen by accidents. Do Plan, plan & plan!

“She wanted to be ready to go once she got to L.A. So she did research on all the best makeup people, photographers, hair people, videographers, PR companies, — anything that she could think of. And she had it all saved in one album marked ‘L.A.’ She lined up a bunch of photo shoots before She got there, She did not want to waste one minute once She got off the plane.”

3. Treat the other people’s success as great lessons for yourself.

“World entertainment news writes that she was building a following with her photos, and around the same time Success from Instagram, Kate Uptonwent really went big with a viral video. She realized that she needed to not just think about photo shoots, but also come up with some crazy video, fun ideas that would go viral and get her name out there. And sure enough, once she went in that direction, she wound up on TMZ and some other sites and her following basically tripled in like two weeks.”

4. Be nice to the followers and the people who support you.

She have kept a good relationship with Thirty Mile Zone ever since. She have become really good friends with a lot of the editors, writers and camera people over there. And these are real friendships, together they figure out fun things to do or just chat and catch up with each other. To Build the good relationships with other mates is definitely important and to have a good reputation in the industry for the progress.”

5. Take your time to recognize the big moments.

“The first time she was on Thirty Mile Zone was pretty surreal. She remember walking in for her fittings the first night, and Kanye was in the hallway on his cell phone. Hung up and he came up to her and introduced himself. Kanye West introduced himself to her. She was beyond stars truck. He was telling me how he liked her page and her videos and she just could not speak. She could not believe Kanye West knew her Instagram page. That was super crazy for her.”

6. Show your audience the love and ignore the trolls!

“She is always on Twitter replying to comments and interacting with her fans. It keeps her fans and her connected and helps to build a bond with them. They are so supportive of what she do and she like to give that back. She just really ignore negative comments at all of the cost. It is so hard to turn your cheek and to ignore them, but it is such a kind of a slap right in the face to all of the type of the people that are saying really nice things at that time if you only react to trolls. And that is not a great message to send to your true fans.”

7. Always try the next filter or innovation and new platform!

“Even though her whole career has been built on social media. She is just so clueless with new technology mentioned Success from Instagram in hot entertainment news and her tendency is to stick to what she know. She used to do a lot of Instagram videos and when Snapchat came out, she was like, what is the point? But people told her how fun it was, so she tried it and just loved it. Her presence grew on there, pretty quickly, and now if a company wants her to post something on her Snapchat, that’s a new revenue stream for her. So it is worth trying the new things!”

8. Learn the Instagram pay scale.

“Once you hit a million followers, you can start to a get $1,500 to $1,000 for a single sponsored post. And it climbs from there to $2,000 at 2 million and so on, but there is kind of a capping point. There are not a lot of companies that will pay $7,500 for one post, for example. So her rate is $3,500 for now to keep it reasonable. But do not get me wrong, $3,500 is still a lot of money!”

9. Do not take just any customer!

“She do a lot of endorsements and she sell a lot of her own branded stuff, like cool skateboard decks. But she have to like what she is selling and legitimately think this is cool.

10. Find smart and reliable partners for yourself!

“She have a merchandise company that she works directly with that sources products for her, runs her website and she does the posters and calendars. She have worked with them for the last two years now.

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