Some short step healthy diet plan

Some short step healthy diet plan

Most probably you are thinking “Well fine, you have made your case that Ramadan is not exactly the dream-month of automatic weight-loss that, Most Muslims actually convince themselves that it is.

So what is the solution, then?

How do I banish my stubborn unsightly fat to the depths of obscurity like Shay?” Fortunately for you, my friends, our article is here to help. Below is our some short-step guide to Healthy Ramadan Weight Loss!


we have all heard that familiar excuse:

It’s nearly 3 minutes to fajr, you just woke up and rolled out of bed. And you gotta quickly grab something before time’s up and you’re left hungry and grumpy. Take it easy there, buddy Su isn’t an eating contest. It’s meant to give you a small energy kick to start your day off.

But after you quickly expend that energy, you’re on your own for the remainder of the fast. Stuffing yourself with more and more food does not necessarily mean that you will get more energy. So do not fool yourself into thinking a 7-course gourmet meal will carry you all the way.

Relax, take it easy, moderate your intake, and eat just enough to give you strength for a small kick in the morning to get you started on your day, and leave it at that. Trust me on this, your body is an amazingly intricate biochemical machine. During the state of fasting, your body begins producing hormones which naturally target.

Your fat and energy stores when your fuel starts to run on empty, and begin slowly burning them throughout the whole day to keep you stand on your feet. Allah has given you an incredible body short step healthy diet plan that keeps you constantly monitored on energy and sugar levels. That is as natural as you can get with automatic weight loss during this time.


Let’s do a little psychology experiment. I’m going to put a word here, and you tell me the first thing that comes to your mind as soon as you read it. Are you ready?
I am almost 99% confident about I know exactly what you thought about once you read the word. You were thinking about lamb gyros meat.

Do not even try to deny this – you had food on your mind during reading this. It is all because of psychology, and your mind follows that basic impulse just like everyone else’s mind does.

Short Step Healthy Diet Plan

I am willing to bet that if I wrote “marriage dinner” as the phrase, the men would immediately think about their fantasy future wife’s heavenly cooking, and women would immediately conjure up warm thoughts of all the romantic candle-light restaurants their future husbands probably won’t take them to out of lazy stinginess. The point is, you are too preoccupied with food during Ramadan, and that is got to stop.

While fasting, you can not lose yourself in your daydreams about the magnificent iftar feast waiting for you at Maghrib time and drooling over the guessing games you play over the whole day that what kind of delicious dinner awaits you at every night. Obsessing over food while you are fasting is unhealthy and creepy, and points to a deeper dependence on food that you need to break.

Stop hanging around the kitchen staring at the fridge, stop talking about food in general and turn off the food channel. Focus your time and efforts on worship and remembrance of Allah and make every effort you can to expel all subconscious thoughts of food and drinks. It is tough to break dependence on snacks and meals, I know, but in the end. Your tummy and your brain will thank you for it once Ramadan is over. Weight loss is just a battle of your mind with just your body. Train both of them in this Ramadan to give yourself the best edge over fighting your fat.


We know what you are thinking. “Exercising to lose weight?! Yes, thanks for the tip, Captain Obvious.” Well you know what, sometimes the most manifest solution is the one most leave unnoticed or rebuffed. So you are welcome, Lieutenant Sarcasm. The fact that we are fasting is the single biggest excuse from all the Muslims.

That always come up with during Ramadan to justify their vegetable lifestyle during this holy month. Even the potatoes get to see more movement than we do during the month of Ramadan since they are cut up, skinned and cooked almost every night. This is not a month of laziness, so do not use fasting as an excuse for your laziness!

Yes, we are in a weakened state with low energy reserves while fasting, so it is understandable that for older folks, exercising might be dangerous. But for you younger able people, I’m not asking you to do Olympic weightlifting but to be active so you can speed up your body’s fat burning.

Like I mentioned before, in a fasting state, your body starts to mobilize your fat and begins burning it to power you. If you just nap and lay around all day, your body would not need to burn much fat at all to keep you active, so your stubborn belly fat is not going to magically disappear just because you have stopped eating for part of the day.


All the Ramadan enemies that cause your weight-gain, this here is the biggest culprit. We are all guilty of doing this at some point during Ramadan – yes, even you, uncle in self-denial with the dried masala stains on your clothes and old grains of biryani from 3 Ramadan’s ago still imprisoned in your beard. Fasting all day makes even the smallest of iftar bite taste like the world’s most wonderful food, and your craving at break time is so unquenchable that you are probably ready to inhale the entire dinner table during iftar.

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