How does the American Political System Work

How does the American Political System Work

The balance of power and the election of public officials between the three branches of government (legislative, executive and judicial) carry out democracy in the United States of America. This American Political System , which makes each branch accountable to the other one, restricts the authority of any one branch above mentioned of the government.

How does the American Political System Work

The legislative branch, or Congress (comprised of the House of Representatives. And the Senate), writes, amends, and passes bills, which the President.

The executive branch through the President may veto any bill. If the President does veto a bill, the legislative branch may overturn this action with a two-thirds majority in both legislative houses.
This judicial branch, or Supreme Court, may overturn any law passed by the legislature and signed by the President.

To maintain a balance of power, states elect the legislature separately. Each state elects two representatives to the Senate for six years. Only a portion of the Senate seats come up for election every two years. American Political System State have a varying number of congressional seats based on population.

This appointment is for the life to remove justice system from the short-term American Political System influence.

The two-party system

  •  To reduce federal regulations, strengthen the military, and boost capitalist endeavors.
  •  To strengthen social services, protect the environment, and make businesses accountable to labor.

According to this system, the candidates of third party faces great difficulty in getting elected. Yet third-party candidates have begun to influence present-day elections and may prompt an eventual restructuring of the two traditional political parties.

Lobbyists and Political Action Committees (PACs):

Without specific representation in multiple political parties, groups with special interest. Must find alternative or other methods of getting their voices heard in the process of legislation. Many groups and other companies hire professional lobbyists to advocate for their causes and for their representations.

And legislation to the best interests of their clients. Lobbyists may even write the legislation that the legislator presents to a committee or the legislature American Political System. Lobbyists represent nearly all industries and interests. Including insurance, auto manufacturing, tobacco, environment, women, minorities, education, technology, textiles, farming, and many others.

Lobbyists, who are usually lawyers, are often former members of the legislature or have held other government positions. Over misconduct, Bob Packwood returned to Washington, D.C. as a paid lobbyist for business interests in the Pacific Northwest.

Political Action Committees (PAC’s), are the special interest groups that raise money to support and influence political parties or some sort of specific candidates. These groups may take an interest in economic or social issues, and include groups as diverse as the American Medical Association, the Trial Lawyers Association, the National Education Association, and the National Rifle Association.

Political Action Committees carries much of the responsibility for extreme increases in campaign spending in the few recent years. Many groups and officials are now calling for restrictions on such spending to limit PAC influence and maintain a balance of power among all interested constituencies.

The Pluralist and Power-Elite Models of politics:

• The Pluralist Model
This model argues that the power is distributed throughout many competing interest groups and that the politics is about negotiation. One gains success in this model through establishing alliances, and no one group always gets its own way.

• The Power-Elite Model
This model argues that the reverse, claiming that power remnants in the hands of the wealthy—particularly government, business and the military. They say that the competitors who are claimed to work as balances simply do not exist.
Experts examining these diverse viewpoints recognize substantial research to support both views.

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